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Below you will find a high-level process map showing the various steps involved should you get divorced and your DB Section benefits are included in a pension sharing order. For further information please refer to the Divorce guide.

Click on the numbers below to reveal more information about each step.

  • 1 You request a divorce pack from the Administration Team

    If you are going through a divorce, you will need to provide information about your Scheme Pension. You can request a divorce pack, which will provide all the information from the Administration Team.

  • 2 The Administration Team produces a divorce pack and issues it to you

    On request, the Administration Team will send you a divorce pack which includes all the information you will require.

  • 3 You share the divorce pack with your solicitor (if applicable)

    You simply pass the divorce pack to your solicitor, it should contain all the information he or she requires.

  • 4 Court confirms treatment of your pension in a Pension Sharing Order (PSO)

    Once your divorce is finalised the Court will confirm how your pension should be shared (if this is the course of action agreed). The Court will provide a formal document which instructs the Trustee what proportion of your pension should be shared with your ex-Spouse or ex-registered Civil Partner.

  • 5 You provide the Administration Team with the PSO

    Simply send the PSO to the Administration Team.

  • 6 The Administration Team provides final divorce information including confirmation of costs

    The Administration Team will provide confirmation of how the PSO affects your Scheme pension. They will also confirm what fees are payable by you and/or your ex-Spouse or ex-registered Civil Partner.

  • 7 You (and/or your ex-Spouse/ex-registered Civil Partner) pay costs

    You and/or your ex-Spouse or ex-registered Civil Partner pay the fees.

  • 8 The Administration Team amends your record

    Your record is updated to reflect the terms of the PSO.

  • 9 The Administration Team pays transfer payment in accordance with PSO

    A payment is made from the Scheme directly to the approved arrangement nominated by your ex-Spouse or ex-registered Civil Partner. The value of your benefits are reduced to reflect this.

  • 10 The Administration Team confirms payment has been made

    You will receive confirmation the process has been completed and the payment has been made.