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Transferring your DB Section benefits

Below you will find a high-level process map showing the various steps involved in transferring your DB Section benefits to another pension arrangement.

You can choose to transfer your DB Section benefits out of the Scheme. However, you will need to opt out of the DB Section and become a Deferred member first. If you opt-out you will cease to build up further benefits within the DB Section. The death in Service benefits payable to your Dependants may also be affected.

For more information about opting out please see the Leaving service page of this website. For more detailed information please also see the Transferring your benefits out of the Scheme Guide.

Click on the numbers below to reveal more information about each step.

1 You request a transfer value quotation

You can request a transfer value of your DB Section benefits from the DB Section Administrator which will include any AVCs you have paid. PLEASE NOTE: If you paid AVCs under the DB Section then these would need to be transferred as well, either to the same or another arrangement. You may transfer your AVCs to another arrangement without transferring the remainder of your benefits within the DB Section.

2 The DB Section Administrator issues your quotation

The DB Section Administrator will calculate the current transfer value of your DB Section benefits. This quotation will state if it is guaranteed for three months from the date of calculation. Included with the quotation will be the various forms you will need to complete if you wish to proceed with a transfer.

3 You obtain appropriate advice

You seek the appropriate advice (normally from an independent financial adviser). PLEASE NOTE: If the transfer value is greater than £30,000 you will need to provide evidence you have received this advice before any payment is made.

4 You return completed forms

If you decide to proceed with the transfer, you will need to complete the forms included with the quotation. You will also have to provide your original birth certificate and, if your name is now different from that shown on your birth certificate other supporting documentation (e.g. your marriage certificate).

5 The DB Section Administrator checks transfer can proceed

The DB Section Administrator will undertake a number of checks to ensure that the transfer can proceed. This will include confirming you have received the appropriate financial advice if the transfer value is greater than £30,000.

6 The DB Section Administrator requests outstanding items (if any)

If the DB Section Administrator identify the forms and documents you have provided are incomplete, or further information is required they will write to you.

7 You provide outstanding items (if any)

If more information is required you will need to provide this before the transfer can proceed.

8 The DB Section Administrator pays the transfer value to receiving scheme

Once all the information has been received by the DB Section Administrator, arrangements will be made to pay the transfer value directly to your nominated arrangement (receiving scheme).

9 The DB Section Administrator confirms the transfer payment has been made

Once the payment has been made the DB Section Administrator will write to confirm this.

10 The receiving scheme confirms receipt of transfer

The receiving scheme normally confirms to you receipt of the transfer value.

11 The DB Section Administrator informs HMRC of transfer

HMRC will be informed that the transfer has been made.